How to prepare for the GAIQ

First steps and thoughts about the GAIQ exam

Here you will learn how to prepare for the Google Analytics exam and pass the test on your first attempt.

If you’ve decided that you want to take the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ) exam you should set for yourself a timeplan for learning and preparation and an actual date and time to take the test.

Preparation and learning for the GAIQ text.

Don’t get nervous. It’s only a test!

How long you need for preparation depends of course on the knowledge and the experience with Google Analytics that you already have. But be warned: even if you think you can handle the tool quite well, this is not a guarantee that you will pass the exam easily. There are a lot of more theoretical questions in the test that you can only answer correctly if you have studied the learning material.

So we would recommend at least three days for going through the lessons (about 4 to 5 hours each day) and the fourth day for checking out the questions and answers from the actual exam that we have prepared for you (takes about 2-3 hours), than take a short brake and start the exam afterwards (reserve 2 hours for that). This is of course just a recommendation, it depends on how fast you learn and, as mentioned above, on your previous knowledge. If you are new to Google Analytics, going through all the courses in three days might be too much.

Learning for the GAIQ exam

The best approach is to take the lessons in the Google Analytics Academy in the order that we suggest. That means you start with the Fundamentals course and the Platform Principles course on the first day. The second day then covers the Ecommerce course and the Mobile App Fundamentals course. On the third day you can take the Google Tag Manager Fundamentals Course (this lesson is not a must for the GAIQ, but there are some questions about Google Tag Manager in the exam). At the end of each course there is also a “Final Assessment” available to test what you have just learned. Take this test and repeat it until you have all the answers correct. The great thing about this is that Google tells you which of the answers were correct and which were not. You won’t get this information in the actual exam!

There are 4 different courses to learn for the GAIQ in the Google Analytics Academy.

The best preparation for the Google IQ exam is to go through these four Academy courses. The Google Tag Manager Fundamentals Course is optional.

On the fourth day it’s time to prove your Analytics knowledge. Go to the GAIQ Questions & Answers section of this website (and maybe also the Google Tag Manager Q&A) and try to answer the questions there by yourself. This section covers most of the questions you will see at the test so it’s the perfect preparation. We hope that it is clear for everybody that it makes absolutely no sense to skip the lessons in the Analytics Academy completely and just rely on learning the right answers to the questions!


Preparations and setup for the GAIQ exam

Register for the exam

In order to take the GAIQ exam you have to register on the website Scroll down to the bottom of the site and click on the link “Learn about joining Google Partners” (see screenshot). On the next page click on “Join Google Partners”. Use your existing Google account information or setup a new account to register.

Go to the Google Partners website by clicking on "Google Partners" at the bottom of the page.


Click on "Join Google Partners" to register and to be able to take the GAIQ exam.


The Google Partners Website

You have to become a Google Partner to be allowed to take the GAIQ exam

If you feel ready to take the exam there are a few things we recommend before you start:

  • Make sure that you have about 2h of time with absolutely no interruptions (it’s a good idea to turn off your phone).
  • If it’s possible for you than use a second screen/computer. Use the first one for the test and on the second one have one browser tab open with your Google Analytics account and a second tab with this website.
  • You have 90 minutes to answer 70 questions. Once you started the test you can’t pause it!
  • All the questions are Multiple choice. And there is only one answer right! That means it is only possible to click on one of the answers (this is different to older versions of the GAIQ, where often more than one answer was right). Sometimes the correct answer is that all of the given alternatives are correct or that all of them are wrong.
  • Be aware that you only have one chance to answer a question. It’ not possible to skip a question and answer it later or review your questions and make changes at the end. Of course you can click on one of the answers and change that before you click on “Confim Answer”.
  • Read every question and all of the possible answers very carefully before you answer and go to the next question.
  • There is enough time. If you’ve done your homework you should have no problems to complete the test way before the time is over, so don’t rush!
  • Your goal should be to complete each question within 1 minute. That gives you a time buffer for difficult questions.
  • Don’t be alarmed if you take much longer for some of the more difficult questions. There will also be some really easy questions that you’ll be able to answer within seconds.
  • If you’re really stuck with one question either try to get the information you need directly in your Google Analytics account or use the search funktion on this site to look up the question (again: this should be your last option).
Infos and start button for the GAIQ exam

Ready to take the exam?

After you’ve answered the last question (or the 90 minutes are over) you will immediately see the result of your test.

You’ll need at least 80% correct answers to pass the exam. If you have less, you’ll get the chance to retake the test in 7 days.

If you still have questions concerning the GAIQ exam please refer to our FAQ.

Good luck!



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