GAIQ Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the GAIQ?

A: The Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ) is a demonstration of proficiency in Google Analytics that is available to any individual who has passed the Google Analytics IQ exam. Qualified users will be effective at leveraging Google Analytics within their organizations and at helping others to do the same.

Q: What is the GAIQ exam?

A: The Google Analytics IQ exam is a test that any individual can take to earn the GAIQ if he or she passes the test. Before taking the exam it is suggested that you review the material covered in the Analytics Academy Courses. Passing the Analytics IQ exam provides tangible validation that you understand the fundamentals of digital analytics and Google Analytics. You can also promote your individual qualification on your Google Partners public profile page.

Q: How much does it cost to take the exam and get the GAIQ?

A: Nothing. The exam and your personalized certification that you will get are free! Not long ago you had to pay $50 to take the test but now it’s free.

Q: How much time do I have to complete the GAIQ exam?

A: You have 90 minutes to answer all the questions.  If you are prepared this will be more than enough time so you don’t have to rush your answers. But be aware that once you’ve started the test, you cannot pause it.

Q: Can I pause the exam or save it and come back later to complete the test?

A: No. Once you start the test you have 90 minutes to complete it. If your computer crashes, bad luck! The clock keeps ticking…

Q: Can I mark a question and skip it to answer it later?

A: No. You have to answer the questions at the first attempt. It’s also not possible to review your answers at the end.

Q: How many questions will I get during the GAIQ exam?

A: You will get 70 questions.

Q: How many questions do I have to answer correctly to pass the exam?

A: You will need at least 80% correct answers to pass the exam. That means you’ll have to get at least 56 out of 70 right.

Q: How many different questions are there altogether?

A: The exact number of different questions (the “question pool”) is not known. On this site you will find more than 220 different questions & answers at the moment. Google is coming up with new questions and/or exchanges questions from time to time.

Q: Where can I take the GAIQ exam?

A: You’ll need to sign up for the Google Partners program. Visit and create an individual profile. This will give you access to the exam. If you are prepared and feel ready to take the exam, click the exam link “Analytics” in the left navigation, under Certifications.

Q: What if I don’t have enough points and fail the test?

A: You will of course get no certificate but you can try again and retake the exam in 7 days. On our website you will find every information you need to prepare for the exam!

Q: How long will my certification be valid?

A: Your GAIQ or Google Analytics Certification will be valid for 18 months from the date that you pass the exam. Then you will have to retake the exam.

Q: How can I prepare for the GAIQ exam?

A: On this website you will find links to the Google Analytics Academy courses. You should at least review all the material covered in the Google Analytics for Beginners and Advanced Google Analytics courses. To be ready for the exam take a look at our GAIQ Questions & Answers section and try to answer the questions by yourself.

Q: What is the best way to prepare for the GAIQ exam? Should I learn the answers to the questions by heart or look them up here during the test?

A: No. The best way is to take the free online courses for Google Analytics that Google provides and then prepare by reviewing the questions and answers on our site. After that we are sure you will pass the exam on your own (and can be proud of it!).

Q: If I pass the exam and get the GAIQ, am I a seasoned Google Analytics expert?

A: Sorry, you’re not! You are an expert in answering the questions. You need to work with Google Analytics on a regular basis and learn how to get the data you need and how to make most of the insights for your business to be called an expert. Also, there are a lot of GA specialists out there who would probably fail doing the test because some of the questions are very theoretical. Preparation is everything!

Q: Is there GAIQ badge or something that I can use?

A: No, Google does not offer a Analytics IQ badge. Please be warned that by creating or displaying a GAIQ badge you are violating Google’s branding policies and that this may infringe Google’s trademark rights. Your qualification may be revoked if you create or display a badge.

Q: What ist the difference between having the GAIQ and being a Google Analytics Certified Partner?

A: The GAIQ is for any individual who wants to demonstrate proficiency in Analytics. Being qualified in Google Analytics does not by itself qualify you to be a Analytics Certified Partner (GACP). A GACP is a professional services organization that has passed a series of stringent requirements to become an approved authorized consultant. Do learn more about this, visit this page.

Q: Are the answers provided always 100% correct?

A: We try our best. We have done the test quite a few times and passed the exam several times with 100% correct answers. But Google is always coming up with new questions and/or changes questions a bit from time to time. We cannot guarantee that all answers are correct but we are confident to say that we haven’t found a more reliable source on the net yet! There are a lot of websites out there that give many wrong answers (and some others just seem to copy them).

Q: How current are the questions in the GAIQ Questions & Answers Section?

A: We try to keep the questions as current as possible and we retake the GAIQ exam from time to time to keep up with the latest questions. But as Google is updating the exam regularly it will happen that you get some questions you haven’t seen before. It ist also possible that a question is not used anymore in the current exam.

Q: I am sure the answer to a specific question is not correct! What now?

A: The best way is to leave a comment at the end of the section. We will review the answer and correct it if we can prove it is not correct. Thank you for helping out!

Q: Some of the questions in the GAIQ exam are a bit strange and/or manipulative.

A: We know, tell Google. We didn’t make them up! Sometimes Google just want’s you to give a certain answer – keep that in mind!

Q: Is there a version of this site (with GAIQ questions & answers) in german/french/spanish/chinese etc.?

A: No, and we’re not planning to do one (see next question).

Q: English is not my primary language. Should I take the GAIQ exam in another provided language like french/italian/spanish etc.?

A: We highly recommend to prepare for the test in english and to take the exam in english (if you can understand what you are reading right now, that should not be a problem). We also generally recommend to use Google Analytics in english to avoid certain incorrect translations and other problems. Do yourself a favor!

Q: Ist this an official Google Website?

A: No, this site is operated by a couple of longtime Google Analytics users who want to provide a definitive source for the correct answers to the GAIQ exam and to help people to pass the test.

Q: This site is great! It helped me a lot for preparing and passing the exam! Is there anything I can do for you?

A: Thank you! We are glad you like our site. Tell you’re friends/colleagues about it, mention this site or link to it on your website, blog, facebook, twitter whatever. It would also help us to cover the hosting cost for this website if you could click on one of the ads on the site (try the banner just below).