Ecommerce Analytics: From Data to Decisions

In this course  you will discover how to use Enhanced Ecommerce reports in Google Analytics. You will learn about the measurement planning process and practice navigating Google Analytics to improve the performance of an example ecommerce business. You’ll discover a lot of useful reporting and analysis techniques to help you to make informed decisions for your ecommerce business using Google Analytics data.

The Ecommerce Analytics course consists of 15 units:

  1. Introduction to Ecommerce Analysis

    1.1 Course overview
    1.2 Using the measurement plan
    1.3 Reporting vs. analysis
    1.4 Analysis preparation
    1.5 Next steps

  2. Understanding Customers

    2.1 Traffic source analysis
    2.2 Multi-channel analysis
    2.3 Customer profile analysis
    2.4 Summary and takeaways

  3. Understanding Shopping Behaviour

    3.1 Enhanced Ecommerce overview
    3.2 On-site merchandising analysis
    3.3 Shopping behavior analysis
    3.4 Checkout analysis
    3.5 Summary and takeaways
    3.6 Course summary


What you will learn in this course:

– how to use the Enhanced Ecommerce reports in Google Analytics
– how to use segmentation to compare different groups of data
– hot to choose the right reports that align with your measurement plan
– how to conduct in-depth data analyses