Google Analytics Resources

Here are some useful websites and links to learn more about Google Analytics.  Use these resources in addition to the GA Academy Courses to stay up-to-date about Google Analytics and to prepare for the GAIQ-Test. Remember: Google ist constantly developing and extending GA and it’s functionality. By reading the official blog or latest posts on the official Google+ page you will get all you need to know to successfully use Google Analytics.


Google Analytics Help Center

The best general source for all you need to know about Google Analytics. This site will answer most of your questions.
GA Help Center

Welcome to the Google Analytics Help Center

The Google Analytics Help Center is your first stop for information








Google Analytics Community

If you can’t find what you are looking for on the Help Center or if you have a very specific problem, chances are good someone in the Google Analytics Community can help you.
> GA Analytics Solutions Community

The Google Analytics Generell Forum

This forum is perfect for all kind of specific questions about Google Analytics

Google Analytics YouTube Channel

There are tons of videos on this channel about almost every aspect and usecase. Here you will find instructions for beginners but also for very advanced Google Analytics users.
GA YouTube Channel

The official Google Analytics youtube channel

Find lots of interesting and helpful videos on the Google Analytics youtube channel

Google Analytics Blog

New Features? New releases? Maybe a new add-on? Find out first on the official Google Analytics Blog. Here you will also learn about upcoming events and conferences and also find some interesting case studies.
Official GA Blog

The Google Analytics Blog keeps ypu up-to-date with the lates news about Google Analytics

Stay up-to-date with the official Google Analytics Blog


Google Analytics on Google+

Of course you can also follow the latest news on Google Analytics on the official Google+ page. Great for discussions and sharing. Lot’s of good stuff here and updated very frequently.
Official GA Google+ site

The official Google+ page for all the info about Google Analytics

Visit the Google+ page regularly to know what’s going on in the world of Google Analytics


Google Analytics Facebook page

Even Google can’t do without a page on Facebook. So if you’re hanging around on Facebook all the time anyway, why not follow what’s going on in the world of Google Analytics.
>Official GA Facebook page

The official Google Analytics facebook page

Of course there is an official facebook page for Google Analytics


Google Analytics on Twitter

Twitter, yes! Get tweets about news, tips and trends about.. ehh… Google Analytics. 730.000 followers can’t be wrong!
>GA Twitter page

Google tweeds about Analytics on there Twitter page.

Follow the Google Analytics Team on Twitter!


Google Analytics Developers Site

You are a developer and/or want to dive deeper in the possibilities with Google Analytics? Than check out the GA Developers Site to learn a lot more about data collection (with API’s), individual configuration and reporting. But be warned: it can get “techy” here!
GA Developers Site

The Google Analytics Developers site has all the info for programmers and techies.

For techies: check out the Google Analytics Developers site