How Long Was Facebook Down?

How Long Was Facebook Down
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Traffic volume for Facebook services during October 4, 2021 global outage. On October 4, 2021, at 15:39 UTC, the social network Facebook and its subsidiaries, Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, Mapillary, and Oculus, became globally unavailable for a period of six to seven hours.

  1. The outage also prevented anyone trying to use ” Log in with Facebook ” from accessing third-party sites.
  2. It lasts for 7 hours and 11 minutes.
  3. During the outage, many users flocked to Twitter, Discord, Signal, and Telegram, resulting in disruptions on these sites’ servers.
  4. The outage was caused by the loss of IP routes to the Facebook Domain Name System (DNS) servers, which were all self-hosted at the time.

Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) routing was restored for the affected prefixes at about 21:50, and DNS services began to be available again at 22:05 UTC, with application-layer services gradually restored to Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp over the following hour, with service generally restored for users by 22:50.

What time was Facebook outage?

So, what happened? – This week’s outage struck around 11:40 a.m. ET. At about 6:30 p.m. ET, the company announced that it had resolved the problem and was bringing services back online. In an update on the outage, Facebook said, “Configuration changes on the backbone routers that coordinate network traffic between our data centers,” blocking their ability to communicate and setting off a cascade of network failures.

  1. That explanation suggests the problem arose between Facebook and the Border Gateway Protocol, a vital tool underlying the Internet.
  2. Border Gateway Protocol is often compared with the GPS system or the Postal Service.
  3. Similar to ideas like map coordinates or ZIP codes, the system tells the rest of the world where to route traffic and information.

When a company can’t use the gateway protocol, it’s as if their online domains simply don’t exist. But that didn’t stop web pages, searches and messages from looking for Facebook’s properties. And that, in turn, led to other problems. “Many organizations saw network disruptions and slowness thanks to billions of devices constantly asking for the current coordinates of, and,” tech expert Brian Krebs notes.

Why did Facebook go down for 6 hours?

Why were Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp down for 6 hours last night? Facebook Inc blamed a ‘ faulty configuration change ‘ for a nearly six-hour outage on Monday that prevented the company’s 3.5 billion users from accessing its social media and messaging services such as WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger.

Why was Facebook shut down?

Why did Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp shut down; why did it take so long to fix?

  • PARIS (AFP) — Hundreds of millions of people were unable to access Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp for more than six hours on Monday, underscoring the world’s reliance on platforms owned by the Silicon Valley giant.
  • But what actually caused the outage?
  • What does Facebook say happened?

In an apologetic blog post, Santosh Janardhan, Facebook’s vice president of infrastructure, said that “configuration changes on the backbone routers that coordinate network traffic between our data centers caused issues that interrupted this communication”.

  1. Cyber experts think the problem boils down to something called BGP, or Border Gateway Patrol — the system the internet uses to pick the quickest route to move packets of information around.
  2. Sami Slim of data center company Telehouse compared BGP to “the internet equivalent of air traffic control”.
  3. In the same way that air traffic controllers sometimes make changes to flight schedules, “Facebook did an update of these routes,” Slim said.
  4. But this update contained a crucial error.
  5. It’s not yet clear how or why, but Facebook’s routers essentially sent a message to the internet announcing that the company’s servers no longer existed.
  6. Why did it take so long to fix the problem?
  7. Experts say Facebook’s technical infrastructure is unusually reliant on its own systems — and that proved disastrous on Monday.

After Facebook sent the fateful routing update, its engineers got locked out of the system that would allow them to communicate that the update had, in fact, been an error. So they couldn’t fix the problem.

  • “Normally it’s good not to put all your eggs in one basket,” said Pierre Bonis of AFNIC, the association that manages domain names in France.
  • “For security reasons, Facebook has had to very strongly concentrate its infrastructure,” he said.
  • “That streamlines things on a daily basis — but because everything is in the same place, when that place has a problem, nothing works.”
  • The knock-on effects of the shutdown included some Facebook employees being unable to even enter their buildings because their security badges no longer worked, further slowing the response.
  • Is this unprecedented?
  • Social media outages are not uncommon: Instagram alone has experienced more than 80 in the past year in the United States, according to website builder ToolTester.
  • This week’s Facebook outage was rare in its length and scale, however.
  • There is also a precedent for BGP meddling being at the root of a social media shutdown.
  • In 2008, when a Pakistani internet service provider was attempting to block YouTube for domestic users, it inadvertently shut down the global website for several hours.
  • And the outage’s impact?
  • Between Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, “billions of users have been impacted by the services being entirely offline”, the Downdetector tracking service said.
  • Facebook, whose shares fell nearly five percent over the outage, has stressed there is “no evidence that user data was compromised as a result of this downtime”.
  • But even though it lasted just a few hours, the impact of the shutdown ran deep.
  • Facebook’s services are crucial for many businesses around the world, and users complained of being cut off from their livelihoods.
  • Facebook accounts are also commonly used to log in to other websites, which faced additional problems due to the company’s technical meltdown.
  • Rival instant messaging services meanwhile reported that they had benefited from the fact that WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger were down.
  • Telegram went from the 56th most downloaded free app in the US to the fifth, according to monitoring firm SensorTower, while Signal tweeted that “millions” of new users had joined.

And among the more curious side-effects, several domain name registration companies listed as available for purchase. “There was never any reason to believe would actually be sold as a result, but it’s fun to consider how many billions of dollars it could fetch on the open market,” said cyber security expert Brian Krebs.

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Is there a Facebook outage right now?

No, we are not detecting any problems with Facebook right now. Facebook last experienced an outage on Monday, March 27, 2023 and it lasted about 32 minutes.

Why Facebook was shut down for 24 hours?

Mark Zuckerberg, Shut Down Facebook for 24 Hours in Protest of the NSA Domestic Spying Program.

Why did Facebook drop after hours?

Topline – Facebook parent Meta Platforms reported earnings Wednesday that fell short of expectations, pummeling the company’s stock in after hours trading as the social media giant with metaverse ambitions scrambles to cut costs amid advertising headwinds spurred by concerns about the global economy.

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Why did I get banned from Facebook for 72 hours?

Facebook may block an account if it notices content or activity that goes against their Community Standards, Facebook may block the full account or only limit some of the abilities. For example, you could be blocked from posting to a Page or Group but still be allowed to post to your Timeline.

“Temporarily Blocked” Error Message in Switcher Studio Reasons for a Temporary Block Duration of a Temporary Block Checking for Facebook Account Violations Appealing a Temporary Block Streaming Platform Alternatives

If you received the message “You have been temporarily blocked from performing this action.” when trying to livestream to Facebook using Switcher Studio, it means that Facebook has issued a temporary block on your Facebook account. Switcher Studio is unable to stream to any account that has been blocked by Facebook. According to their support page, Facebook may temporarily block users if:

Something the person posted or shared seems suspicious or abusive to Facebook’s security systems. The person’s messages or friend requests were marked unwelcome. The person did something that doesn’t follow Facebook’s Community Standards.

Note: Want to learn about livestreaming to Facebook and other platforms with Switcher Studio? Check out our Complete Switcher Studio Start Guide, The length of a temporary block by Facebook depends on the severity of the violation and the user’s history on Facebook.

It has been observed that a temporary block may last as little as a few hours, but could also last up to 30 days. There is currently no way to view the duration of the block. Facebook may share with you what type of violation occurred on your account. This information can be accessed using Facebook’s website in a browser.

To check for account violations:

Go to in a web browser. Click your profile icon in the bottom of the left sidebar. Click Help & Support, Click Support Inbox, Click Your Violations,

Any logged violations will appear on this page.

If you have been blocked by Facebook, there is nothing Switcher Studio can do to bypass the restriction. For this reason, you will need to contact Facebook to dispute the block. However, Facebook’s appeal process generally takes longer than a temporary block will last, so it is generally recommended to simply wait until the block ends to resume livestreaming to Facebook.

As a reminder, there are alternative ways to engage with your audience beside using Facebook. Switcher Studio has in-app integrations with platforms such as YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitch, Microsoft Stream, and more. For additional information on linking your account from one of these streaming platforms to the Switcher Studio app, check out the Streaming Platform Integrations article in our Help Center.

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How much money did Facebook lose when they was down for five hours?

Facebook Lost About $65 Million During Hours-Long Outage Getty Images Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp went dark Monday—bringing the economic engine of Facebook, Inc. to a halt. The outage began around 12:30 EDT and a little more than five hours later.

  1. So how much damage did that do to Facebook? Here’s a back-of-the-envelope estimate: about $65 million.
  2. To get there, I reasoned that since Facebook brought in $29.1 billion in revenue during the second quarter, it’s collecting about $970 million a month in sales.
  3. About $313 million per day—or roughly $13 million per hour.

(Like the ads business itself, my math isn’t perfect: It doesn’t account for weekly, monthly or seasonal time frames during which Facebook could be earning a little more or less.) The outage took on CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s personal figures. As Facebook stock slid 4.8% in trading Monday, Zuckerberg’s fortune declined by $5.9 billion.

(He remains the world’s sixth-richest person.) Facebook’s mighty business model, the one capable of generating almost a billion dollars a day in revenue, will be shoved into the spotlight by Congress Tuesday morning. Facebook whistle-blower Frances Haugen, a former product manager at the company, will testify before a Senate subcommittee and that Facebook ignored internal research about how its platforms promote toxic content and harm their users.

: Facebook Lost About $65 Million During Hours-Long Outage

Will Facebook leave Europe?

Facebook avoids service shutdown in Europe, for now Facebook has avoided the risk of being forced to shut down its service in Europe this summer as a result of the latest twist in a long-running data protection complaint saga that relates to a clash between EU privacy and U.S.

surveillance law. The delay — in what’s still widely expected to be a suspension order to Meta, Facebook’s parent company, to stop illegal data exports — follows objections to a draft decision by its lead data protection authority by other regional DPAs who have been reviewing it. The picked up on the development in an earlier report.

Under the bloc’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), cross-border complaints typically require cooperation and at least consensus from DPAs in affected regions so it provides a right for interested authorities to weight in on draft decisions by a lead data supervisor.

  • Doyle declined to provide details of specific objections received.
  • The development means that a final decision on the (seemingly) neverending saga over the legality of Facebook’s data transfers — and the fate of its service in Europe — will be kicked down the road for several more months at least.
  • In a previous cross-border GDPR complaint, related to WhatsApp, where objections were similarly raised to Ireland’s proposed enforcement, it took a total of around nine months before a.
  • Meta will also very likely challenge a suspension order in the Irish courts — and could also seek a stay, as it did previously, to try to keep operating as is in the meanwhile.

Back in, the DPC sent a preliminary suspension order to Facebook over the data transfers issue — triggering a. Facebook won a stay but its bid to roll back the regulator’s decision via judicial review, challenging its procedure, was, eventually, dismissed in reviving the enforcement process — which has been grinding on ever since.

  1. The DPC would not comment on an expected timeframe for a final decision to be issued in light of the objections to its draft.
  2. That will, in any case, depend on whether differing views on enforcement between DPAs can be settled without requiring a formal dispute resolution mechanism in the GDPR — which can require the European Data Protection Board to step in (as happened in the WhatsApp case).
  3. If DPAs can’t come to agreement among themselves and the EDPB has to get involved it’s not beyond the bounds of possibility that a final decision gets pushed into 2023.

Max Schrems, the privacy campaigner and lawyer who originally raised the Facebook data transfers complaint (all the way back in 2013!), has said he expects considerable further delays in enforcement of any suspension order — including by Meta lodging appeals — as,

The tech giant has a specific incentive to delay enforcement as long as possible as it may be banking on (or, well, hoping for) a fresh data transfer deal between the EU and the U.S. landing to save Facebook’s service bacon in Europe. A preliminary agreement on a new high level EU-U.S. accord on data transfers — replacing the defunct Privacy Shield (which is one very tangible casualty of this Facebook data transfers complaint saga thus far; its predecessor is another) — was reached back in,

And,, the European Commission was suggesting it could be finalized by the end of this year. Since then some reports have suggested progress towards agreeing a final text may not be going as smoothly as hoped, so a replacement deal may not arrive so quick — which would complicate Meta’s ‘strategy’ (if we can call it that) of banking on further delays to enforcement buying it enough time to switch its European data transfers onto a fresh, unchallenged legal basis.

What stopped Facebook?

What was the problem? – In a nutshell, Facebook’s systems stopped talking to the wider internet. It was as if “someone had pulled the cables from their data centres all at once and disconnected them from the internet”, explained web infrastructure firm Cloudflare,

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Why was WhatsApp down yesterday?

WhatsApp down for hours yesterday! Here is the reason why Everything in the WhatsApp world was normal yesterday and then, Wham! The world came to a standstill! You would actually think so from the kind of reactions WhatsApp being down yesterday elicited from users.

No, this isn’t any script for any end-of-the-world movie but it was the result of an extremely important service going down yesterday – WhatsApp. The Meta-owned app went down for about 2 hours yesterday, halting communications worldwide. WhatsApp’s mobile app, desktop app, as well as the all stopped working.

Now, app experts have revealed the reason behind it. Not only the messaging service, but WhatsApp audio as well as video call functionality was also affected. Speaking to Tech, a company spokesperson said, “the brief outage was a result of a technical error on our part”.

  • This, of course, was not very helpful in identifying the problem issue and there was no about whether the same would not happen again.
  • The actual error message that was popping up when WhatsApp was down, was this, “Make sure your has an active connection”.
  • It forced people to rush about checking whether their Internet had crashed.

But that was not the case as WhatsApp itself had crashed. Users immediately took to Twitter to vent their frustrations over not being able to use the messaging app. English YouTuber and rapper @KSI wrote on twitter, “I think WhatsApp is down. I’ve now realised how much I rely on WhatsApp lmao.” The issue was fixed after nearly two hours but that resulted in other such as Telegram and Signal gaining users.

  1. A company spokesperson said in an emailed statement, “We know people had trouble sending messages on WhatsApp today.
  2. We’ve fixed the issue and apologize for any inconvenience.” However, despite WhatsApp running again, many users still complained about various glitches including delays in messages sending and receiving and getting errors while updating status for a short period of time.

The outage is the longest of the year, and second only to the October 5, 2021 outage when WhatsApp became unresponsive for around 6 hours. The global outage affected countries like India, UK, Turkey, Italy, Indonesia and others. Astonishingly, other Meta-owned apps such as Instagram, Facebook and Messenger remained unaffected by the WhatsApp outage.

Why can’t I get back into Facebook?

If you’re having trouble logging into your Facebook account, here are some things you can try. Recover your Facebook account using the Find Your Account page Go to the Find Your Account page at and follow the instructions. Make sure to use a computer or mobile phone that you have previously used to log into your Facebook account.

Search for the account you want to recover. You can search for your account by name, email address, or phone number. Follow the on-screen steps to reset the password for your account. You can learn more about what to do if you’re having trouble finding your account using the Find Your Account page. Recover your Facebook account from a friend’s or family member’s account From a computer, go to the profile of the account you’d like to recover.

Click below the cover photo. Select Find support or report profile, Choose Something Else, then click Next. Click Recover this account and follow the steps. Change or reset your password

Is Instagram server down?

At the moment, we haven’t detected any problems at Instagram. Are you experiencing issues or an outage? Leave a message in the comments section!

Is Meta going to recover?

New catalysts could give Meta a shot in the arm – Meta’s investments in the Reality Labs business have been a point of concern for investors, given the segment’s massive losses, The tech giant has bet big on the metaverse – virtual three-dimensional worlds where users can interact remotely with the help of virtual reality (VR) headsets to work, collaborate, socialize, or even attend virtual events such as concerts – and poured a lot of money into this area to get a head start over rivals.

  1. However, Meta’s investments haven’t paid off thus far, as the demand for VR headsets dwindled last year.
  2. IDC estimates that 9.52 million VR headsets were shipped in 2022, down 12.5% from the prior year.
  3. However, Meta was the dominant player in this space, with a share of almost 85%.
  4. The good news for Meta investors is that global VR headset shipments are expected to nearly triple over the next three years to 27.6 million units in 2026.

So, Meta’s focus on strengthening its VR ecosystem with the help of new hardware – such as the Quest Pro, which was released in October last year – and a family of more than 200 VR apps should set it up for success in this nascent market. Additionally, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg is set to jump into the latest hot trend in technology – generative artificial intelligence (AI) – by launching “a number of different things this year.” Generative AI has hit the spotlight of late following the raging popularity of ChatGPT, an AI-enabled chatbot that interacts conversationally with users, answers questions, and even writes poems and essays.

This market was reportedly worth an estimated $10 billion last year as per market research firm Imarc Group, but it could grow at more than 20% a year through 2028. So, Meta’s focus on the generative AI market could turn out to be another growth driver for the company over the next three years. The good part is that analysts already anticipate Meta’s revenue to recover from 2023.

They also anticipate it to sustain momentum through 2024 and 2025. How Long Was Facebook Down META Revenue Estimates for Current Fiscal Year data by YCharts The chart above indicates that Meta’s top line could increase at an annual rate of approximately 11% in 2024 and 2025. A similar top-line growth rate in 2026 could send its revenue to $167 billion.

  • Multiplying the estimated revenue for 2026 by Meta’s price-to-sales ratio of 4 would translate into a market capitalization of $668 billion in 2026, which would be a 48% jump over current levels.
  • However, don’t be surprised to see Meta clock faster growth thanks to the emerging drivers discussed above.

That’s why savvy investors looking to buy and hold a tech stock for the next three years should consider going long on Meta. It is trading at 20 times trailing earnings even after its impressive rise in 2023, which is lower than the Nasdaq-100 ‘s multiple of 23.6.

Randi Zuckerberg, a former director of market development and spokeswoman for Facebook and sister to Meta Platforms CEO Mark Zuckerberg, is a member of The Motley Fool’s board of directors. Harsh Chauhan has no position in any of the stocks mentioned. The Motley Fool has positions in and recommends Meta Platforms.

The Motley Fool has a disclosure policy,

How much money has Meta lost?

Meta lost $13.7 billion on Reality Labs in 2022 after metaverse pivot.

Why did Meta crash?

$80bn wiped from value of Facebook and Instagram owner Meta Investors wiped $80bn (£69bn) off the market value of and Instagram’s owner, Meta, after Mark Zuckerberg’s company reported profits had halved during the third quarter as advertisers reined in spending amid the global economic downturn.

  • The 25% tumble in Meta’s share price since Wednesday evening has knocked billions off the personal wealth of Zuckerberg, its chief executive and largest shareholder.
  • The sell-off began during overnight trading after a downbeat results presentation, and continued when markets reopened on Thursday.
  • It was one of the most dramatic devaluations Wall Street has seen since investor confidence in Silicon Valley stocks began to crumble at the start of the year.

Meta’s shares briefly dipped below $100, taking them to their lowest level since 2016, with investors unconvinced by Zuckerberg’s bet that his company’s future lies in the metaverse, a virtual reality world that users will experience through its Oculus headsets.

With a 13% Meta stake, Zuckerberg has seen his net worth plummet by $90bn so far this year because most of his fortune is in the company’s shares. His holding stood at just over $125bn at the start of 2022, according to Bloomberg data, but its value has now fallen to $35bn. Reality Labs, the company’s metaverse division, made a $3.7bn loss over the past three months, while the company said it anticipated these losses would “grow significantly year over year” in 2023.

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Meta, which also owns WhatsApp, reported $27.7bn in revenue for the third quarter – higher than analysts’ forecasts – as sales shrank by 4% compared with the same period a year earlier. The company reported $4.4bn profit for the same period, 52% lower than the $9.2bn it made a year earlier.

  1. The company warned of weaker trading ahead.
  2. Amid, Meta is also suffering from a slowdown in advertising spend.
  3. Meta’s results were the latest in a series of disappointing earnings reports.
  4. The company has invested heavily in new products that have so far failed to bear fruit.
  5. It in February in the biggest one-day loss in history for a US company, after its shares slumped by 26%.

Meta’s costs and expenses climbed by 19% in the third quarter compared with a year earlier. This was as a result of spending on the metaverse and on its short-form video-content product Reels. Faced with concern from investors about the losses, Zuckerberg said he was confident that spending on the metaverse and other “experimental bets” would begin to pay off.

  • Over time, these are going to end up being very important investments for the future of our business,” he said.
  • This is some of the most historic work we’re doing.
  • People are going to look back on decades from now and talk about the importance of the work that was done here.” He added: “While we face near-term challenges on revenue, the fundamentals are there for a return to stronger revenue growth.” Meta and other tech companies have been hit by fears of recession and rising inflation.

Google’s parent company, Alphabet, and Microsoft have also, In addition, Meta has struggled with changes to Apple privacy policies enacted in 2021 that undercut its primary advertising model – which the company predicted it to lose out on a projected $10bn in ad revenue in 2022.

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Splitting up Facebook’s business from its metaverse project could be one way to restore the company’s share price, said Sir Martin Sorrell, the founder of digital advertising company,”If you manage to split Reality Labs, where the investment is being made in the metaverse, from the Facebook and Instagram platforms you might have a very different market result and you probably would see an accretion in the value of Facebook platforms,” he told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.Meta hinted at job cuts, after first announcing a staff hiring freeze and potential restructuring in September.

The company said it would be “holding some teams flat in terms of headcount, shrinking others and investing headcount growth only in our highest priorities”. It added: “As a result, we expect headcount at the end of 2023 will be approximately in-line with third-quarter 2022 levels.” Meta has also, its first since it floated on the stock market in 2012.

  • Its third-quarter losses indicated Meta had focused too intently on new ventures, said Debra Aho Williamson, an analyst with Insider Intelligence.
  • Meta is on shaky legs when it comes to the current state of its business,” she said.
  • To return to stronger growth, Meta needs to turn its business around.

It would benefit from less priority on the metaverse and more on fixing its core business.” : $80bn wiped from value of Facebook and Instagram owner Meta

Why is Facebook jumping around?

Fix Facebook Scrolling and Jumping Problems Learn how to fix Facebook jumping while scrolling and refreshing to the top of the page. ” While looking over a Facebook profile, the page will jump while scrolling and refresh back to the top of the page. ” The problem of Facebook continuously refreshing and jumping while scrolling continues to affect users from time to time despite continuous updates from Facebook.

It can be very frustrating and make it impossible to use Facebook and load profile pages. If you’re experiencing this bug, it’s likely that many other users are as well. It may be a bug from a recent Facebook update and Facebook should work to fix the issue. There have been some reported fixes, however, so here is what you can try to get Facebook to stop refreshing: Although there is no certain solution for this problem, a common cause is when users are not waiting for Facebook pages to fully load before beginning to scroll.

If you are experiencing this problem, make sure you waiting for the entire page to load before scrolling down. Once the page is loaded completely, it should no longer jump while scrolling. Wait for the page loading icons to stop spinning

  • There have also been reports that the problem is happening mainly with users of Edge so you may want to try switching your browser to FireFox, Safari or Google Chrome.
  • It is also plausible that a future updates could affect any browser so if you found this page and you’re already using Chrome, it’s still a good option to try some of the other browsers before moving on to other solutions.
  • I’ve had confirmation from many readers that switching to another browser to use Facebook solves the issue.
  • It has also been reported that if you use Facebook on another browser for a little while, you should be able to switch back to the original browser and the jumping / scrolling problem will be resolved.
  • If you don’t want to do that, you may have wait for Facebook to patch the bug or try one of the other suggested solutions below.

How Long Was Facebook Down Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera and Safari are all good options to try Edge and Chrome users have also reported that disabling the smooth scrolling feature has resolved the problem, at times. Follow these steps:

  1. Open up either Edge or Chrome.
  2. In the web address bar type either (depending on your browser: edge://flags/ or chrome://flags/
  3. Search for Smooth Scrolling in the search box at the top.
  4. Click on the dropdown to the right and change it to Disabled,
  5. Relaunch your browser.

Note: This option is only available for Windows, Linux, ChromeOS, Android, Fuschsia and Lacros users. How Long Was Facebook Down A look at the Smooth Scrolling experimental setting in Google Chrome Users have reported that having your browser zoomed in or out can cause Facebook to jump around and refresh. To reset your zoom level, while in your browser, press ctrl + 0 on a Windows computer or cmd + 0 on a Mac computer to reset it to 100%. Changing the zoom level in Google Chrome If you have any additional details about the Facebook scrolling and refreshing problem please so we can help others troubleshoot the problem. : Fix Facebook Scrolling and Jumping Problems

Is there any problem or are there any problems?

1 Answer. ‘Is there any problem?’ is more appropriate when there is a question about something that does not seem to have any problems. ‘Are there any problems?’ is more appropriate when there is a question about something that does seem to have problems.

What happened to WhatsApp now?

Latest Update About Whatsapp Down News – WhatsApp services are back online and the app should start working for users soon if it hasn’t already. WhatsApp is now working for the Android and iOS apps as well as via WhatsApp Web. Note that some users report that services are still not working on WhatsApp Web, but your phone app should be up and running.