Google Analytics IQ exam: Questions & Answers

The questions and answers have been updated for 2017!

On the following pages you will find hundreds of different questions from the Google Analytics IQ exam. We have also included the correct answers to the questions and sometimes there is also a short explanation why the corresponding answer is correct. Please also check the comment section below at the end of each page.

The Questions & Answers Section is separated in different subjects.

You can choose your area of interest by clicking on a subject on the right or in the top menu. We will add new questions to the subjects if they appear in the Analytics IQ exam. We are very confident, that 99% of the answers given on this site are correct, but of course mistakes can happen. If you have a question about a certain topic or answer or you think that an answer provided on this website is not correct, please leave a comment in the relevant Q&A section.

Important: The order in which the possible answers to every question are displayed in your individual exam is completely random! So for example if a given answer on this site is d) it may be b) in your test.

Please also note: The answers provided on this website are there to support you during your preparation for the exam, not to give you a short-cut to get your certificate. If you have any questions concerning the Google Analytics IQ exam please have a look at our FAQ.